An artist and CUNY professor who was participating in a group bike ride along the Hudson River Greenway was allegedly kicked off his bike by a pedestrian Thursday evening around 7:30 p.m. Michael Mandiberg, 33, was treated at Manhattan hospital for bruising, cuts, abrasions and injuries to his shoulder and ankle. Reached by phone in Brooklyn, Mandiberg tells us, "A group of us were riding up the west side highway and a pedestrian unprovoked and clearly intentionally kicked out my front wheel causing me to fall. A cop came about 30 minutes later and he was arrested." Is this the inevitable result of the NYC bikelash, or just a random jerk?

The incident, first reported on Streetsblog, happened near 24th Street. Mandiberg tells us he doesn't know what provoked the unidentified assailant, saying, "When senseless violence happens it's senseless." But one witness commenting on Streetsblog gives this account:

I can attest that the assault was related to the fact that Michael was on a bike. I was just two bike lengths behind the whole thing. A few of us were all on a #bikenyc tweetup ride with the Bikehugger crew in town cruising slowly up the Greenway, there was never any danger to this guy as he entered the first stripe of the crosswalk, bikes alerted him (he was not looking, w/ noise canceling headphones on), bikes slowed a bit and moved away from him Michael saying 'yo!', he said "no!", Michael said "yo!" again, then this (large) guy yelled "no!" again while kicking out his rear tire very forcefully. It was shocking and seemingly in slow motion since we were riding at such a casual pace. However anomalous, a clear assault, directly related to Mike being on a bike.

Mandiberg tells us the man stayed at the scene because the other cyclists warned him that if he left he'd be fleeing a crime scene. According to Mandiberg, he was ultimately charged with misdemeanor assault. After the incident, cyclist advocate DL Byron, a.k.a. Bike Hugger, stayed and took these photos; while waiting for the cops to arrive, he tweeted, "The bike backlash in NYC we've heard about just happened."