2005_11_nyo.jpgThe plot thickens with revelations as to why mayoral wannbe and rabblerouser Christopher X. Brodeur was arrested yesterday: Brodeur had apparently been leaving threatening voicemails for Ben Smith, a political reporter for the Observer, because Brodeur was unhappy with a post Smith wrote on the Observer's political blog, The Politicker. Gothamist isn't sure which column Brodeur didn't like (was it this one, noting that Bronx primary votes meant for Fernando Ferrer went to Brodeur instead), but something was enough to make CXB leave this message for Smith: "I could shoot you in the f- - -ing face. I'd be a hero like Bernhard Goetz." And then Broduer would advocate for squirrels? No, thank you. The police are investiating Brodeur's threats to another reporter. And we'll expect another crazed missive from CXB in a few hours.

And read CXB's letter protesting his arrest.