Whoa!!! Christopher X. Brodeur, the performance artist / mayoral candidate / rabblerouser, was found guilty on 21 counts of harrassment! That means he's most likely going up the river for a while. You may remember that CXB was arrested in January, but this trial was actually for harassment stemming from a dispute with his landlord. He's going to stand trial for harassing the Mayor's press office later in the year-- and then he's going to stand trial for harassing a writer at the Observer. That's a lot of harassment! CXB's favorite tactics tend to involve distributing email calling people crazy names and then calling them repeatedly (hundreds or thousands of times over the course of a couple of months). He also likes to make veiled threats, well, when veiled is saying he wants to shoot you in the face, that may have played a role in today's convictions.

His campaign manager and friend Jessy Delfino explains what happened at the trial:

His charges of harrassment and aggrivated harrassment (regarding annoying and sometimes seemingly aggressive calls he made) is a misdemeanor charge. Though Christopher has no prior record of violent crime and has obeyed every restraining order ever placed against him, he was remanded immediately, which means he was taken to jail on the spot once he received a guilty verdict. Many people in his position would be let go until the next court date to get sentenced. Even though his sentencing date was set for March 8th, he was refused bail (though there was already bail on this case) and taken immediately to jail to be subject to now a THIRD psychological evaluation. This is not a 730 remand psychiatric evaluation, this is a judge-ordered psychiatric evaluation to determine how to "best sentence Christopher".

Remanded immediately? Wow - that is hardcore. But if we know CXB, we're sure he's distributing handwritten letters complaining about the warden and prison guards in capital letters. We'll follow-up on this tomorrow morning, or whenever CXB's next email arrives in our inbox.

SPECIAL BONUS: all 17340 words that CXB sent out in the last 10 days (six emails!).