The NYPD has committed grand larceny—of your heart! Because you probably don't have a heart if you haven't awwwwwwed over this photograph of a cop and kitten.

The 60th Precinct in Brooklyn Tweeted this meowsmerizing photograph yesterday, explaining that the little critter was rescued from a car's hood:

Cats are fond of car engines because they are weird (and they just like the warmth). It's unclear where the kitten is now, but perhaps he/she can grow up to be a fine, upstanding bodega cat!

Update: The kitten was adopted by another cop, the Post reports. And the kitten is named "Pazzy," after Officer Passarella.

Update 2: The NYPD has posted the photograph to is Facebook page for more social media virality and explains:

Police Officer Passarella saved a stray cat, and helped the kitten find a loving home. Officers assigned to Brooklyn's 60 Precinct responded Friday to a report of a tiny cat trapped in the engine block of a minivan.

Police Officer Passarella first got down on his back and slid under the car, but he still could not reach the tiny kitten. After a few attempts, and a few scratches, Police Officer Passarella fit his arm around a few belts and was able to reach the cat, pulling him out to safety.

Police Officer Passarella also knew the cat was a stray and wanted to find him a home. The kitten was adopted by another police officer, who gave it to her son. The little boy and the kitten, named "Pazzy" after Passarella, are now great friends.

Pics of Pazzy in his furrrrever home, please!!