No matter what Primus says, there can never be too many puppies. And these puppies right here aren't JUST ridiculously adorable, they are also being trained to save lives. The Penn Vet Working Dog Center recently opened a center for the training and breeding of "detection dogs." Each one is named in honor of dogs who searched for survivors of 9/11 and since passed away. Researchers hand-picked seven puppies, including Labradors, a golden retriever and a Dutch Shepherd. Their ranks will soon grow to over two dozen.

The dogs will be studied in an attempt to understand why they excel at detection work, which involves military deployments, searching for missing persons, and even sniffing out diseases like diabetes and cancer. Researchers will preserve the sperm of the most adept male dogs, and this will be used to breed future generations of detection dogs. "These kinds of working dogs are important to the safety and security of our nation," says Cynthia M. Otto, DVM, PhD, and director of the Center. "We hope to study and train their protégés at this center and aim to advance the health and performance of all working dogs through our work." We just want to watch them nap!