Hey, remember that sub-degree Polar Vortex winter? Or last summer's skin-melting heat? What about when Kim and Kanye made a spawn creature? Well, it turns out Earth almost avoided all that unpleasantness, because scientists say a solar flare came thisclose to wiping out civilization two years ago, or something. And to think we would have missed I Wanna Marry Harry.

Apparently, scientists at NASA recently revealed that a solar flare from the most powerful storm the sun's seen in 150 years nearly smashed into Earth on July 23, 2012. Had that flare, known as a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), managed to grace us with its presence, it could have thrown off communication networks, GPS and electrical grids planet-wide, ultimately sending humankind back centuries upon centuries. And though the idea of living in a pre-electronic era may sound appealing to anyone who's spent any time hate-clicking tweets about NYC media, the reality would be fairly catastrophic.

Luckily, scientists say the flare missed us by one week, a hair's breadth in Space Time. "If it had hit, we would still be picking up the pieces,” Daniel Baker, a researcher at the University of Colorado, told the Associated Press. So, humans are free to take advantage of all the nuclear energy they want—until another solar flare strikes, that is! Physicist Pete Riley says there’s a 10 to 12 percent chance that a similar storm will hit Earth in the next 10 years. "Initially, I was quite surprised that the odds were so high, but the statistics appear to be correct,” Riley told reporters. “It is a sobering figure." And of course, if the sun doesn't kill us in the next decade, we're still going to melt in the next couple hundred years, right?

Well, now's as good a time as any to stop paying your credit card bill.