Rush hour straphangers on an uptown A train got an out-of-the-ordinary announcement in the midst of an extremely ordinary delay Thursday morning. Their train was stalled at West 4th Street just before 8:30 a.m. while police attempted to remove a feral cat from one of the cars, according to tweets from the scene. It was not immediately clear how the incident was resolved.

We asked rider Daniel Roberts if he managed to snap a picture of said cat. No such luck.

The MTA didn't immediately confirm the incident, and an NYPD spokesman said he didn't have record of a cat rescue at West Fourth Street, which falls in the NYPD's second transit district. ("If the cat was riding the train... if it was on the move, another transit district may have covered it," he surmised, encouraging us to confirm what stop the cat got off at.)

As part of his new $800 million MTA rescue plan, MTA Chairman Joe Lhota pledged to replace automated "train traffic ahead" announcements with "clearer and more timely" explanations for delays. This morning's incident may indicate a startling about-face for the re-minted transit official, as this the same Joe Lhota who once insinuated he'd sooner run over kittens than stall a train.