The Transit Transport Workers Union is telling its subway conductors and workers to "cut and run" in the event of a terrorist event (chemical, biological, etc.) according to the Daily News:

"What they expect our members to do in the event of a nuclear, biological or chemical incident would be to ... get out of your cab and leave the public behind," said Jimmy Willis, the union assistant to the president.

"My question to them when they explained it to me was, 'Are you asking us to cut and run?' And I asked it again, 'Are you asking us to cut and run?' and the answer I got was, 'Yes, cut and run.'"

The Transit Authority is disputing this, but the union says the TA needs to get its act together and have a game plan. Nothing like a game plan. Considering it's been a 18 months, Gothamist would think that more would have gone into planning contigency plans.

In related news, Columbia hired noted physician Irwin Redlener to head, among other things, the school's new National Center for Disaster Preparedness, which is "going to be a training center, under the guise of the C.D.C. center, but it'll also be a think tank where we can really get a handle on what our society needs to do to get better prepared for disasters in general and for new threats like terrorism in particular." Dr. Redlener will also be at the School of Public Health and a professor of pediatrics at the medical school.