Usually when we see someone's receipt end up in the news, it's because somebody did something racist or went trolling for public sympathy. So it's a pleasant surprise that this isn't one of those times: a couple left a NJ bartender a $1,000 tip to help pay for surgery for her dog last weekend. "It’s just so overwhelming," Christina Summitt told The News. "He was just an awesome guy."

Summitt, 37, was bartending at the Holiday Inn in Clinton, NJ last Saturday when she had her fateful encounter. She said she got talking to a couple after they noticed the paw-print tattoo on her wrist. Summitt told them that Tucker—her Great Dane-black Labrador mix—had swallowed a plastic ball and needed surgery to get it out. The emergency surgery and hospital costs would come to about $2,700.

Summitt worried about being able to pay the costs; she works three jobs (full-time as a chef at the hotel, Saturdays as a bartender, and as a food prep worker two days a week at a deli), volunteers at an animal shelter, and has three stepchildren with her husband. "It was just your average bartender and customer talk," she noted. When it was time to close out the $80 bar tab, the man left her $1,000 on top of that.

"Shock. Complete shock," she said of noticing the amount. "I started shaking, I couldn’t breathe. How could there be three zeroes on there?" She told him she couldn't accept it, and he insisted she use it toward Tucker's surgery. "I just stood there in shock," Summitt told CNN. "I walked around and hugged this couple. They said, 'We'll be praying for Tucker.'"

"Apparently this man does this quite frequently," hotel manager Michelle Satanik told CNN, saying they verified that the gesture was legit. "Just a really nice guy and humanitarian. I have never ever seen a $1,000 tip like that." Tucker is back home recovering from surgery now. Clearly this mysterious charitable man took our words about tipping to heart.