Nixzmary Brown's grandmother is trying to get custody of her daughter's other five children. This may become a big case, as Newsday reports that one of the children's father has also petitioned for custody after7 year-old Brown's death at the hands of her stepfather and under the watch of her mother. This comes after the Daily News reveals that Brown's mother, Nixzaliz Santiago, told fellow inmates that her daughter deserved to be punished. One woman at the Brooklyn Criminal Court holding cell for driving with a suspended license said, "She tried to defend him, saying the little girl was so bad. She was the only one who wasn't crying. She just sat there remorseless." Brown was charged with second degree murder, as was husband Cesar Rodriguez.

The NY Times looked at how the Administration for Children's Services tried to overhaul itself over 10 years ago, but those changes weren't enough and had an editorial on fixing ACS ytesterday. And Santiago's five other children have been in foster care since Brown's death.