What happens when one controversial State Senator accuses another controversial State Senator of swearing at him? Well, it's just confirmation that Albany is where insanity reigns. State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. (D-Bronx) wants the State Senate to censure Senator Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn), for Parker's colorful language to convince Diaz to vote for a bill. Diaz said, “Senator Parker was saying eff this, eff that. In front of the ladies. It’s uncalled for. If I want to vote no on something nobody is going to tell me to eff me. What are we, babies?"

In one corner, there's Parker (D-Brooklyn), who recently accused a colleague of racism, claimed mixed martial arts weren't that violent, and faces assault charges. In the other, there's Diaz (D-Bronx), who is against gay marriage (in spite of his gay brothers), doesn't care if the government shuts down, and is pals with Pedro Espada.

Parker admits to dropping the F-bomb, but says it was a private conversation. However, Diaz insists, "Senator Kevin Parker’s use of obscene language directed toward me did not take place ‘member to member’ as he claimed. It happened in the Senate Chambers, publicly in full view of other Senators and several Senate staff."