The city won't allow cupcakes to be sold at school bake sales, but peddling them outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is okay. To compete with unauthorized vendors who've invaded the spot, they're going to start selling the tasty organic desserts, via Queens-based Culinary Engineers, Inc., reports the Post. The bakery will pay $108,000 in the first year of a five-year contract, and has also been awarded a permit to sell in Washington Square Park. But what about tourist obesity?!

The lease price is way down from what a hot dog vendor was paying two years ago, but he was run out business by unlicensed sellers, who skirted regulations through army veteran status. "Cupcakes are a way for the city to generate some revenue," explained one city official, who thinks the ever-trendy confections will sell like hotcakes. The stand's menu will include $3 specialty cupcakes like "The Rich Guy" (fig mousse filling and candied walnuts with a cream cheese frosting), says the business's proprietress, along with milk shakes and savory snacks.