Governor Andrew Cuomo's handling of mass transit issues appears to have taken a toll on approval ratings, bringing them to their lowest level in two years, according to Quinnipiac University's new poll. Cuomo's job approval rating is now 46% for all NY State voters, dropping 6 points from a March poll. "It is Gov. Cuomo's lowest approval rating since a 43 - 43 percent split, his all-time lowest score, September 17, 2015," Quinnipiac says.

Noting how Cuomo is reportedly interested in running for president, Quinnipiac University Poll's assistant director Maurice Carroll said, "One ticking time bomb for Gov. Cuomo is the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Voters don't give the Gov good marks on handling that. A couple more derailments or just overall weariness with traveling on the trains could derail his political prospects."

The governor, who took credit for getting the Second Avenue Subway opened just before 2016 ended, has more recently claimed to have no idea who controls the MTA after a series of mass transit issues. He finally declared a "state of emergency" for the agency after subway riders were trapped on a powerless F train and an A train derailed.

Poll respondents were also asked to grade Cuomo's handling of the MTA; 23% of NYC residents gave him an F:

From the July 12 Quinnipiac poll

Cuomo's approval ratings are dragged down by upstate voters, who, Quinnipiac says, give him a 37% approval rating. NYC voters give him a 52% approval rating, but it's down from 60% in March.

The poll was taken between July 5 and July 10, before the "summer of hell" officially began.

Some other results from the poll:
- "New York State voters disapprove 63 - 29 percent of the job President Donald Trump is doing, compared to a 67 - 29 percent disapproval March 29."
- "New York State voters say 54 - 40 percent that Gov. Cuomo should be a national leader challenging the policies of the Trump Administration. This anti-Trump role would be good for New York, voters say 55 - 35 percent."
- "Cuomo should not run for president, voters say 55 - 38 percent. Only 50 percent of Democrats say Cuomo should run, while 74 percent of Republicans and 59 percent of independent voters say he should not run."