Everybody's got an opinion about those kooky gubernatorial candidates, Carl mad-as-hell Paladino and Andrew no-comment Cuomo. Especially former Governor and current CNN host Eliot Spitzer, who talked at length about old sparring partner Cuomo on CNN's "American Morning" today (you can see the video below). He discussed how NY is really three states and the power of Paladino's populist rage, but mostly he said some harsh things about Cuomo, who he's had a complicated history with.

When asked what he thought Cuomo should do to engage the public, he all but called Cuomo a bully and thug: "...of course, the problem that Andrew has is that everybody knows that behind the scenes, he is the dirtiest, nastiest political player out there and that is his reputation from years in Washington. When his father was governor, he was the tough guy. He has brass knuckles and he played hard ball. He has a lot of enemies out there. Nobody's been willing to stand up to him."

But now that Cuomo doesn't look as untouchable as he did before certain polls were released, Spitzer imagines things may change in the Cuomo camp: "When it appeared he was going to win, it was inevitable. If it appears not to be inevitable, things may change. He has a lot of folks, he's really been on the wrong side of who may stand up and say, wait a minute, he may not want to pretend he plays that game. He does, and he's worse at it."