It seems that the more voters get to know pay attention to Carl Paladino, the less they like what they find: a new Marist/Daily News poll found that over 60 percent of voters find Paladino to be unelectable after being told of his antics, including his incessant rants, bestiality emails and nutty policies. "People don't find this style to be attractive," Marist Poll director Lee Miringoff deadpaned. But just because people are actually noticing Paladino's nuttiness doesn't mean his gubernatorial opponent Andrew Cuomo is looking that much better. Jeez, are we all turning into Rick Lazio's?

After lots of criticism for his "Rose Garden" campaign, Cuomo finally attacked Paladino and the Tea Party head-on: "There's no place in New York for Tea Party politics...Carl Paladino's Tea a party that has extremist views," he said after a meeting with black leaders in Harlem on Monday. This was a big about-face from two weeks ago, when he pledged solidarity with the frustration of Tea Party members: “I’ve been saying everything you just said from the beginning of this campaign,” said Cuomo when asked about the Tea Party’s message.

Cuomo also appeared for an interview on Good Day New York Tuesday morning, where he talks about coming from the "old school of work," criticized Paladino's "extremist" views, and reiterated that he will debate Paladino, but was reluctant to commit to any time or date for it. You can see it below.