After months, hell, over a year of speculation, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is finally announcing his candidacy for NY Governor today. His campaign released videos, one that's more like a campaign commercial and another that lays out his plans while blasting Wall Street and Albany's politicians (both parties are "guilty of playing partisan politics and bringing New York State to the brink") on his website today. Here's the 20-minute version:


In his remarks, Cuomo acknowledges how New Yorkers have been facing tough times, no thanks to Wall Street, "Reckless bankers exploit the economy and working families are paying the price. Now Wall Street gets bonuses and taxpayers get the bill. It’s just not right and it’s not fair," and adds:

To make matters worse, Manhattan’s Wall Street debacle is matched only by Albany’s State Street debacle. Our state government in Albany is disreputable. Our state government in Albany is disreputable and discredited. New York State is upside down and backwards; high taxes and low performance. The New York State government was at one time a national model. Now, unfortunately, it’s a national disgrace. Sometimes, the corruption in Albany could even make Boss Tweed blush. In my option, politicians of both parties, Democrats and Republicans, share the blame.

Them's fighting words! Also clever ones: He's making the announcement in front of the Tweed Courthouse downtown this afternoon. There was some thought that he might make the announcement next week, but may he just wants to dominate the weekend?

In the 20-minute video, Cuomo lays out his platform, a New NY Agenda (outline of the agenda after the jump; transcript of his remarks here, PDF), which includes an emergency fiscal plan, reorganizing NY State agencies, a plan to clean up Albany, and yes, a "mobilized citizenry." The Times notes, "These are the first initial policy details of a campaign that, to this point, has been conducted through anonymous leaks."

The New NY Agenda - Based on Hard Economic Realities - Demand for Performance - Clean Up Government - A Mobilized Citizenry

Clean Up Albany Plan
- Strict New Ethics Laws
- Full Disclosure of Legislators’ Outside Income
- Real Independent Investigators to Root Out and Punish Corruption in the Executive and Legislative Branches
- New Campaign Finance Laws, including public financing of campaigns
- Independent Redistricting Commission
- Reduce Influence of Lobbyists
- A People’s Constitutional Convention

Emergency Financial Plan
- Cap State Spending and Freeze State Taxes
- Freeze Salary Increases for State Workers
- Property Tax Cap of 2% or Rate of Inflation

Rightsizing Government
- Reorganizing the State's more than 1,000 Agencies
- 20% Reduction in State Agencies
- Consolidate more than 10,500 Local Governments

New York Works Plan
- A $3000 New Jobs Tax Credit
- Reorganize Economic Development
- Coordinated Regional Strategies Investing in Cluster Economies
- Create a State Infrastructure Bank
- Create High Tech Job Generators

New York Leads Agenda
- Education, Environment, and Energy Policy
- Substance Not Rhetoric
- Reality-Based Proposals