With the fabulous new Queens Racino open for business, you might be thinking that you don't need any other job than to pull the lever and order another scotch in a plastic cup. But all streaks eventually come to an end, and Governor Cuomo's office has created a new online job index containing 42,000 positions to keep us from robbing soda machines. WOO-WOO! Alllllll aboard the "Jobs Express!" First stop, Properhygieneburg! We'll be flush with cash and back at the Racino in no time!

Though train aficionados will be disappointed in the site's design, it does feature tips on writing resumes and interviewing, along with organizing the jobs by on the New York State Jobs Bank by region and field.

Ooh, we love the outdoors. Wonder what's available in "Farming, Fishing & Forestry" in our region?


Yessir, there's nothing like the refreshing chill you get when you're outdoors, coding Javascript. And you can't get any closer to nature in New York City than to stand around tree corpses inside a Bed Bath & Beyond warehouse in Union, New Jersey. Who wants to fight over the nursery gig? Lets try "Life, Physical & Social Science." That sounds like the name of our 8th grade textbook.


Didn't Charles Darwin start out as a CrossMedia Specialist? Or was that Pasteur? Okay, how about "Arts, Design, Entertainment, Media?"


HuffPo50! Yahoo! DailyCandy! Now we're talking. Lets build back this economy with the one thing this country needs more than anything: bloggers.