Acting on gun control momentum generated by the Newtown massacre, Governor Cuomo will use his State of the State address today to outline his proposal for an assault weapons ban that would make New York's laws the most restrictive in the country. New York already has an assault weapons ban, but Cuomo says it has too many loopholes. Sources tell CBS 2 Cuomo will also propose stiffer penalties for using a gun to commit a crime and new limits on the number of bullets in a gun magazine. Naturally, all this talk about guv'ment coming for patriots' machine guns has freaked some people out.

Gun rights advocates point out that assault rifles were responsible for only five of the 769 homicides last year. "This issue is not about guns, and the reason they are pushing the gun issue is because it’s much easier for them to say, ‘Look what we did; we’re going to make people safer in New York. We passed more gun laws,’ ” Thomas H. King, the president of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, tells the Times.

Cuomo also terrified gun rights groups when, in a recent radio interview, he said that assault weapon "confiscation could be an option." In response, gun rights advocates are calling on the federal government to intervene in New York State, creating a petition on the White House website that declares, “we do NOT LIVE IN NAZI GERMANY." Taking a somewhat less hysterical approach, Senate Republicans called for stiffening penalties for violations of existing gun laws, which Cuomo's spokesman said "insults the common sense of New Yorkers." Flattery will get you everywhere, Mister Spokesman.