Hiding behind the Port Authority's scary recommendations isn't the only thing Governor's Christie and Cuomo have in common. They also really like their private air transportation. Through FOIA requests, the AP has learned that Governor Cuomo used "a state plane and helicopter to return to suburban Westchester County at the end of statewide tours more than a dozen times" from January through June. In fairness to the Governor, flying is the fastest way to get home to Sandra Lee's delicious homemade lasagna.

Cuomo's spokesman told the outlet that the Governor only uses the government-issue aircraft for "official events," but those official events "include trips to the Westchester home of his girlfriend," where he lives (sinfully). Perhaps another "official event" will take place in the sky: Cuomo's choice of the MTA's new chief. Forget Cuomo as "car man," he's a Gulfstream Guy, now.