Andrew Cuomo has chosen to look on the bright side re: a Trump presidency—he declared yesterday that President-elect Trump might be a "bonus" for New York, because he's from here, and aren't we all so proud.

Cuomo called into NY1 yesterday afternoon to discuss Trump's election, and though he said he was very sad Hillary Clinton lost, it appears he's kissing Trump's ring now that he's about to be the most powerful man on Earth. Cuomo claims Trump might take some time from his busy Tweeting schedule to allocate funds to the city's bridges and housing programs, while Mike Pence does all the rest of the Presidenting.

"[W]ith President Elect Trump today, I had a very good conversation about building an infrastructure," Cuomo told NY1. "You know, Mr. Trump is very much a private sector builder. I’ve built in the private sector also. So, he has a natural orientation toward the needs of this type of urban area. I think that’s a good thing."

So, we potentially have a Very Classy Trump LaGuardia Airport to look forward to, and a Trump Tappan Zee Bridge, and a Trump Brooklyn Battery Tunnel—my, this sounds familiar! Note that just a week ago, Cuomo called Trump "un-New York," claiming that "everything the man stands for is this exact opposite that the state stands for," but I guess now that Trump's actually going to be president, he gets to be from here again. [You can read the transcript of the NY1 interview here.]

In other news, Democrats in the state say Cuomo may move to the right to eke out an agenda with Senate Republicans. "He's Mr. pivot," one Democrat told the Daily News. "He came over to the left, which isn't where he started. I have no allusions that he's going to stay a lefty." What great news, considering come January 20th Cuomo will be the most powerful elected Democrat in the country.