After spending two weeks leading an investigation into Governor David Paterson and reportedly coming up short, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced today that he'll recuse himself. In a conference call with reporters, Cuomo said he's appointing Judith S. Kaye, the former Chief Judge of New York, to lead lead the inquiry into whether Paterson and his proxies illegally interfered with a domestic violence case involving a top aide. Kaye will also take over the investigation into whether Paterson solicited free World Series Yankees tickets last year, then perjured himself during an inquiry. Presumably, Kaye will also grab the shovel if/when any more dirt surfaces about the embattled governor.

Cuomo is expected to formally announce his own bid for governor in the coming weeks, and said today, "Even the appearance of a conflict, even the appearance of a political interest, can be damaging." According to the Times, "Cuomo had hoped to complete the domestic violence related investigation in a matter of weeks, but that is likely to be reassessed under a new independent counsel." When asked about a Daily News report that the investigation had not come up with any evidence that could lead to charges against Paterson, Cuomo told reporters that the domestic violence inquiry is far from complete.