Last month, the NY Times looked at how a lobbying group closely aligned with Governor Andrew Cuomo's goals was given $2 million from the gambling industry "as he developed a proposal to expand casino gambling in New York." The Cuomo administration defended his ties to the group, Committee to Save New York, explaining in a letter to the Times, "For an issue advocacy and lobbying organization such as C.S.N.Y. — a 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation and not a PAC or ‘political committee’ — such coordination with elected officials is wholly proper, common, and necessary." Now, the Journal News got a hold of the letter to the Times through a Freedom of Information Law request—and it's a 2,200 word read!

Politico's Maggie Haberman writes, "The two best parts of the letter - 'We have seen this play before,' at the beginning, which is fairly in line with the way Cuomo talks, and the final line that the administration reserved the right to make the letter public. It later refused to release it to a number of media outlets - but did on the afternoon of a massive shooting, when much of the media focus is elsewhere," referring to the Colorado movie theater massacre. Dumping the letter on a Friday afternoon when most attention is elsewhere is the "Take Out The Trash" technique perfected by public officials, as explained by Aaron Sorkin here.

The Journal News' politics blog, Politics on the Hudson, posted the letter (below) and also notes that Cuomo's staff deny that CSNY spends more than other lobbying groups, "Unlike CSNY, the largest unions in NYS spend millions of dollars directly supporting candidates through political contributions and run ads. CSNY only ran TV ads. CSNY made no political contributions; in fact, in 2011 the combined total of political campaign and lobbying expenditures for the public employee unions well exceeded CSNY’s entire lobbying expenses."

Campbell - Docs Sent - 7.20.12