Governor Andrew Cuomo signed his law toughening penalties for drivers who text while driving today in Manhattan. In his signing statement, Cuomo said, "It’s not okay for people to do this. It’s not fun; it’s not cool. If you’re in a car with someone whose talking the cell phone or texting, you have to let them know it’s not okay."

If you're caught texting while driving, it'll be five points on your license (versus the previous three points; your license can be suspended or revoked with 11 or more points in an 18-month period). Further, if you're a junior or probationary driver who texts while drives, your license can be suspended—plus you'll get five points on your license.

Ben Lieberman, whose teenage son died while in a car whose driver was texting, said, "Teenagers throughout generations have always been fearful and inexperienced. But there’s something new with this generation, and that’s an addiction to smartphones."

Last year, a teen driver got no jail time for fatally striking (while texting) a delivery man in Brooklyn.