Just about a year after the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, Governor Cuomo today revealed renderings for a Hudson River Park monument mean to pay tribute to the victims of the shooting and to honor New York's LGBT community.

According to a press release, Governor Cuomo issued an executive order to build a memorial to the victims of the Pulse shooting and the LGBT community in general after the June 2016 mass shooting. Today, the governor's office revealed the renderings of the Anthony Goicolea-designed monument to the Pulse victims and "all victims of hate, intolerance and violence."

"I am honored to join Governor Cuomo and the LGBT Memorial Commission on this important project to remember those who have been victims of hate, violence, and intolerance, while celebrating the beauty of the LGBT community," Goicolea said in the press release. "This monument will serve as a communal space filled with light, color, and hope where the visitors can sit, mourn, love, and remember for years to come."

According to the press release, the monument is made of nine boulders, some of which will be "bisected with a clear, laminated, borosilicate-glass with refractory components that act as a prism to create subtle rainbow patterns on the surrounding lawn and nearby objects." The monument will be placed in Hudson River Park, next to the water, between Bethune Street and West 12th Street.

"This stunning design complements the landscape and communicates a timeless message of inclusion, and this monument will serve as an enduring symbol of the role New Yorkers play in building a fairer, more just world," Governor Cuomo said in the press release. "From Stonewall to marriage equality, New York has always been a beacon for justice and we will never waiver in our commitment to the LGBT community and to creating a more just and inclusive society. This new monument will stand up for those values for generations to come."