Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced that his pick for his running mate will be Rochester Mayor Bob Duffy. The Observer's Azi Paybarah says, "Duffy, a one-term mayor, has not held office in the New York State legislature, which is politically a good thing this year and bolsters the image Cuomo is presenting of himself as an 'outsider,' unaffiliated with New York's deeply unpopular state government."

Also, it's balances the ticket with someone from upstate. (Sorry, Adolfo.) Duffy is also the former Chief of Police of Rochester. Assemblyman Joe Morelle (D-Rochester) told the Times Union that Duffy "has the greatest degree of integrity of anyone I know in public life. He's earnest, forthright and smart. The only thing I'll regret is not having him as my mayor."

Cuomo is expected to officially introduce Duffy at 11 a.m. at the Sheraton in Midtown—and not at the Democratic State Convention in Rye.