2008_05_kalez.jpgFaced with reports that MTA board members get E-ZPass for free, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo thinks the policy should end. His office's letter to the MTA was even titled, "Illegal Compensation of Board Members."

Revelations about the MTA's generous E-ZPass policy started last year, and among the beneficiaries were, according to WCBS 2, "nearly 1,000 retired bridge and tunnel workers," 52 former board members and 34 current board members. And the board members can have as many of the special orange E-ZPass tags they want--former chairman and wealthy real estate developer Peter Kalikow (pictured) has eight, because of his extensive car collection.

While the MTA told the Daily News yesterday the policy was a thank you, since many board members serve without compensation, the Straphangers Campaign's Gene Russianoff said, "If participation on the MTA board is uncompensated and motivated by public service, then it should be uncompensated."

Other perks board members get: Travel passes on the LIRR, Metro-North, and NYC Transit as well as parking permits.