After a well blew out at a Pennsylvania gas drilling site, contaminating local waterways with thousands of gallons of drilling fluids, it seems that Governor Cuomo is a little concerned. NY1 reports that he "wants state officials to fully understand what hydrofracking is, before the controversial form of natural gas extraction is approved in New York."

Drilling companies have been trying to get NY State to allow fracking, which is described as a "lucrative industry that involves pumping water and chemicals under the earth's surface to shake natural gas loose," in the Marcellus Shale formation. However, there are concerns from environmental groups (check out this NY Times series) and on April 19, a wellhead blew up at a Pennsylvania site on the Marcellus formation. So far, Chesapeake Energy has been fined $900,000 for contaminating water supplies (as well as $188,000 for a fire that injured workers).

One very vocal New York critic of fracking is Pete Seeger: