After Indiana amended its idiotic religious freedom bill, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said that an earlier announced ban on non-essential NY State travel to the Hoosier State would be lifted.

Cuomo issued this statement yesterday:

“After reviewing the amendments made to Indiana’s state law and consulting with LGBT advocacy groups here in New York, I believe the changes enacted by the Indiana Executive and Legislature should prevent the Religious Freedom Restoration Act from being used to discriminate against gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender citizens and travelers. As a result, I am lifting New York's ban against state funded and state sponsored travel to Indiana, effective immediately.

“Here in New York, we believe that all Americans, regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation or any other protected classes, should be treated equally under the law. Our nation's Constitution ensures equality and justice for all. We must never forget that 'all' does not mean 'some', but all of us and we will continue to fight and stand up for equality until it is a reality for all Americans.”​​

Getting a same-sex marriage bill passed and signed into law in NY State is one of Cuomo's legacies.

Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act had potential to allow discrimination against LGBTQ individuals under the guise of “religious freedom.” Now, an amendment has been included to "make it clear that the law cannot be used to discriminate based on sexual orientation and gender identity."