Pretending to throw a tennis ball to an excited and increasingly confused dog is amusing and more than a little cruel. When Governor Cuomo performs the same trick on The New York Times about his transformation into a Progressive, it's time for the Paper of Record to get a new bullshit detector.

How does a politician advance a "distinctly liberal vision"? If you're Governor Cuomo, you disband the effort to root out government corruption, take gobs of money from real estate interests, starve the state's transit agency when it's most desperately needed, preside over a staggering erosion of publicly funded higher education, and systematically divert resources away from your neediest constituents.

"As Governor Cuomo, a Democrat, nears the end of his fifth year in office, he appears to be embracing what he says is his inner progressive," the Times reports, citing his recent decision to pay state employees $15/hour minimum wage, his rejection of a natural gas port, and his apparent expediting of the state's medical marijuana initiative.

Appears To Be Embracing What He Says Is His Inner Progressive is the fine print on Cuomo's Coachella hologram.

In reality, Cuomo's minimum wage move is an inexpensive gesture that will take years to put in place (and he was awfully late to the issue, as he was in signing protections for transgender New Yorkers). Expediting his medical marijuana plan for the neediest patients was necessary because he demanded a deeply flawed and extremely restrictive plan in the first place. And if Cuomo truly cared about burning fossil fuels, he would stop using the MTA as a political cudgel against a mayor who threatens his Progressive credibility.

Just yesterday the governor's office threatened to stop the flow of tax-exempt bonds necessary for the mayor's affordable housing plan to work. Hopefully the 4 million New Yorkers who can no longer afford to live here appreciate living in a high stakes dick-measuring contest.

The Times doesn't just point to Cuomo's deeds, but his words, specifically the speech he gave earlier this week at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

“Here’s a riddle: Well, I’m a real progressive. I’m never going to compromise, I’m going to state the absolute and hold out for an absolute,” he said. “Well, you know what? You’re going to lose, and you’re going to damn the progressive movement.”

“If you are truly a progressive,” he added, “you will compromise to achieve some change.”

Yet the headline for the Times' article—Cuomo, With Unilateral Actions, Advances a Renewed Liberal Agenda in New York—belies this fantasy of compromise and comity.

Cuomo advances Cuomo's agenda. If he can fool people into thinking it's a Progressive one—look over there!