While Carl Paladino and his special hard hat were busy not politicizing the Park 51 project in lower Manhattan, Andrew Cuomo was breaking out "a mix of urban and hip-hop music" in Brooklyn to welcome former President Bill Clinton, who gave his hearty endorsement to the gubernatorial candidate. “If you really want [Cuomo] to be effective, give him a whopping victory. Send him to Albany with a massive majority,” Bubba said at the City University of New York gymnasium.

Clinton effusively praised Cuomo, who ran the Department of Housing and Urban Development in Clinton's second term, while also getting in some shots against Paladino's "greatest hits" of bad ideas. Referring to Paladino's claim that a "benevolent dictator" might be what's needed for change in Albany, Clinton said, "If I said that, I wouldn't want to be subject to a vote, either." More like President Zing!

And to add another notch to the Paladino bad-ideas post: the Times investigated the complicated series of events which led his elderly Aunt's house to end up in the possession of his son, himself, a family trust, and eventually, his former mistress. But don't be silly and try to ask Paladino about it.