Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a state of emergency in New York for the Frankenstorm more officially known as Hurricane Sandy. The governor's press release states, "A state of emergency mobilizes resources to local governments that otherwise are restricted to state use only and suspends regulations that would impede rapid response."

Cuomo said, "As we prepare for the possibility of Hurricane Sandy hitting New York State, I am activating all levels of state government to prepare for any potential impacts. We are working with federal and local partners to follow storm developments and organize a coordinated response plan. With unpredictable weather conditions, we are taking the greatest precautions - especially after our experience from last year’s storms. I urge New Yorkers to plan for hurricane conditions and follow news reports to stay updated on the storm’s progress.”

He also asked the President for a "pre-landfall disaster declaration," which helps free up funds. And this is a tad ironic: "Due to the impending storm, the Governor’s conference on Emergency Preparedness scheduled for October 29-30 in Albany is being postponed."

Here's more info on what NY State is doing, including Port Authority prep, as well as with utilities. And here are the NYC tips and the MTA's possible changes.