2008_06_agdrugs.jpgAttorney General Andrew Cuomo announced an investigation that found Rite Aid and CVS drugstore chains selling expired goods, like medicine, milk, eggs, and baby formula. Cuomo called it a "double whammy for the consumer."

The statewide investigation revealed 142 CVS (60% of the stores visited) and 112 Rite Aid (43% of stores visited) stores in over 41 counties were selling expired products. A CVS near City Hall was selling expired decongestant, while a Rite Aid in the Bronx had a carton of milk 20 days past the expiration date still on the shelf.

Cuomo said, "Families across New York State buy products from these establishments assuming that they’re coming from a safe, reputable source. However, when the products pass their expiration dates, they become ineffective and potentially unsafe, threatening to put our loved ones at risk. These companies allowed personal profit to get ahead of their customers’ health." He has sent letters to CVS and Rite Aid, notifying of his intent to start legal action against them.

Here's a PDF of stores visited and the expired good (baby formula three months past expiration in Nassau County, two years past expiration in Rochester County). Rite Aid told the Post its policy is "not to have outdated products on our shelves" and that the stores were removing the products while CVS said, "We will work aggressively to ensure that our removal procedures are followed consistently in all of our stores."