Governor Andrew Cuomo promised to change the way Albany does things, and New Yorkers have responded by continuing to give him high poll numbers. But there's one thing he hasn't changed: the quid pro quo of giving backers state appointments.

The Daily News details some notable examples, finding, "A host of Cuomo appointments feature the governor's well-heeled financial backers. Of the 13 appointments now awaiting Senate confirmation, eight of the nominees and their spouses donated a combined $328,402."

Like businessman Howard Milstein, who heads the Emigrant Bank—he's nominated to chair the Thruway Authority; he and his wife donated $100,000 to Cuomo's campaign. Plus there's one approved $93,000-donor has already been confirmed as a Power Authority trustee. Notably, many of the donors' appointments weren't announced publicly, "instead [Cuomo sent] them up quietly for Senate consideration."

Watchdogs aren't happy, but Cuomo's office explained to the News that of course some donors would be selected for these appointments because "they are the same universe of individuals... The relevant question is are these qualified, accomplished people and our nominees are outstanding individuals who have brought renewed credibility to government."