De Blasio and Cuomo's cranky marriage led to some more [kind of] fighting words this week, with Cuomo jabbing the snow-weary mayor for his "tale of two cities" campaign. And he's still not backing down on that whole no taxing rich people for universal pre-Kindergarten thing. The big fight will surely be available on pay-per-view soon. Hopefully neither one will threaten to pee on the other.

In an interview on WNYC yesterday, Cuomo noted that he knew "the tale of two cities’ very well," having heard de Blasio's famed campaign phrase in a speech of his father's at the 1984 Democratic National Convention. And apparently, he's pretty sure de Blasio's not doing it right. "The answer to the tale of two cities is not to create two states,” he said, calling the mayor out on his plan to tax the rich to pay for universal pre-K classes. “The answer to inequity and inequality is not to create more inequity and inequality."

The de Blasio vs. Cuomo pre-K plan divide's been a tough one recently, with the mayor maintaining he will hike income taxes for the wealthy to pay for the program while Cuomo's been promising to cut the city a big check for them. De Blasio's not backing down, but neither is the governor. "I’m not going to leave behind the children in any part of this state,” Cuomo said yesterday.

The interview wasn't all "tale of two cities" talk: Cuomo offered some kind words for the mayor while simultaneously giving him a good old fashioned ribbing about the criticism levied at him about how he's handled all this snow. "On any of these situations, second-guessing is very easy," Cuomo said, adding, "Welcome to the job. That’s why we get the big bucks." Get a room already, you two.