The Medgar Evers sex scandal gets bigger today, as a second dean named in an anonymous email to the school's top brass speaks out against the claims made in the lurid letter. This time, though, the dean says one of her own colleagues made the offensive comments first.

Gale Gibson, the dean of freshman studies at the CUNY school, tells the Post that provost Dr. Howard C. Johnson made "nasty jokes" questioning the paternity of her child while she was pregnant last year. The same offensive jokes and comments were repeated in an anonymous email that went out to the school's top administrators, calling Gibson and several other female staffers "whores" and "sluts." It was the same email that claimed Gibson's colleague Zulema Blair had a child with a student.

Gibson filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission last March, against Jonson, calling the situation "emotionally stressful...It was disturbing because I was seven months pregnant. I felt like these people were trying to make me lose my baby!” As for the salacious email, Gibson's lawyer says that Medgar Evers' legal counsel said they would investigate the claims, but to date "no investigation has been launched."

Meanwhile, Claude Celestine, the former student named in the email for allegedly having an affair with Blair, has vowed to sue the college as well. He now works for State Assemblyman Karim Camara and says that Blair mentored him and helped him get the job with Camara, but he "never, never, never" had a romantic relationship with her. The college has yet to comment on the claims by Blair and Gibson.