2008_11_collegemon.jpgAs part of his plans to close the budget gap, Governor David Paterson proposed a $600 tuition hike at City and State University of New York schools. Naturally, students are not taking this well and the Post has some sad quotes. From Queens College student Lilliana Ramnath who works part time at a medical office and is a single mother: "I think I'm going to have to take a year or two off, at the very least. I just won't be able to provide for my son and continue studying." From York College student Lisa Perez, who works at a "bank to support herself and her grandmother": "I really don't know what my options are going to be. But I just don't have an extra $600 sitting around." Food for thought: CUNY Chancellor Matthew Goldstein recently received a $55,000 (+14%) raise and makes $450,000/year.