A local college professor was arrested for "allegedly molesting unsuspecting women" in Times Square as they gathered in an area set aside as part of a makeup promotion.

According to the Daily News, Hasan Zumrut, a 28-year-old chemistry professor at CUNY's Lehman College, was arrested over the weekend:

Zumrut was first spotted early Saturday inside a pen that Revlon set up in the square where tourists can see themselves on a huge video screen, sources said.

Then, starting around 12:15 a.m. Saturday, Zumrut was seen by a uniformed officer touching the backsides of three women who were in the crowd watching a magician perform on Broadway near 44th St., the sources said.

When they nabbed him, Zumrut had a warrant on his record for failing to appear in court after he got a summons for riding a bicycle on the sidewalk in 2010.

One of the victims was 18 years old, the Post reports. Zumrut reportedly said, "I made a mistake."

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