A theater at BAM Rose CinemasThis should have been self-evident, but the Daily News points out that with the budget crisis the city is in, among the cutbacks New Yorkers will have to face are those to cultural institutions, like no more pay-you-wish at the Met or less operas at BAM.

"We are at the tipping point," said Karen Brooks Hopkins, president of BAM and chairwoman of the Cultural Institutions Group. "And particularly in a world where states and municipalities are not just slashing art funding — they are eliminating it — New York needs to go against that tide. We ought to be the one place that really steps up for creative life, because that's what this city is all about."

Ack! Go visit the Met now while it's free...there's the roof garden, as well as the Goddess exhibit in the Costume Institute, and Manet-Velazquez (Gothamist's pick for this coming weekend).

Also, you can contact the Mayor but so far, we haven't heard back.