We're sorry to start the day on such a tragic note, but there is a heartrending crisis unfolding on the edge of the East River in Williamsburg, where poor people who paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for luxury condominium units are finding that their upscale paradise is turning into a ramshackle ghetto. The eyes of the world are currently turned to Northside Piers, where a half dozen condo owners tell the NY Post "their walls are leaky and poorly insulated; mold is growing in the walls; and there is faulty plumbing, sewage, heating and air-conditioning systems." You'll recall that this is the same waterfront development that caught fire during construction. (Sorry, wrong link; here it is.)

Only one resident was willing to speak to the Post on the record, and unfortunately for the purposes of our schadenfreude he is a social worker. But apparently there's big money in social work, because this guy paid $608,000 for his one bedroom back in 2008! Fast forward to 2011, and Andrew Turetsky just feels betrayed. "We were promised luxury living if we came across the River from Manhattan to be part of the resurgence of North Brooklyn," he tells the Post. "I was not expecting such shameful and shoddy workmanship."

His electric bill ranges from $200 to $300 a month because the windows are reportedly so thin that they let in the cold air in winter and hot air in summer, forcing Turetsky to compensate with A.C. and heat. "A worker from Con Edison told me this is their favorite building," says one resident. Apparently rain gets in as well; according to the Post, "Some residents have taped around the window panes, but they say rain and air still blows in." Honestly, it's all too much to bear. Can't Yo La Tengo get involved and play a benefit for these desperate souls? If the conditions continue to worsen, we're going to need to send the UN in there to airlift them to The Edge: