2006_01_hotchoc.jpgThe Port Authority will face the wrath of chocoholics, as various groups are "begging" the PA to give them some more space on the pier so they can unload 36 million pounds of cocoa beans. The ship is docked at Pier 9 in Red Hook, but workers cannot unload the cargo. American Stevedoring is complaining about the PA's treatment and the fact that the post "can't handle the cargo," but the PA says that American Stevedoring made the mistake when it didn't realize it had reduced space because AS has "mismanaged" its cocoa business. Snap! And the big issue is that there are vacant ports...it's a big political hoo-ha between the PA and AS, and illustrates the changing to the city's shipping business. NYC used to be the number 1 cocoa port in the country, but now Philadelphia and Camden are ahead. And the Times supplied this fun fact: "The cocoa sitting on the ship amounts to 10 percent of all the West African cocoa that has come into the United States this harvest season, which is now at its height and is about half over."

Of course we're in the mood for some hot chocolate: We will have to take a long walk to one of Jacques Torres' joints for some hot chocolate. If only we bought some in a tin!