Incase you missed it, yesterday we ran a post about a standoff at the Alamo between a group of kids with chalk and the cops. The story was pretty simple: Saturday afternoon a number of kids decided it would be fun to chalk up Tony Rosenthal's recently returned sculpture the Alamo, often referred to as simply the Cube. The kids, some of whom apparently had just finished their SATs, chalked away to their hearts content and were joined in by passersby. All was merry untill the police showed up and started arresting the chalkers and then some of the folks who were chanting in support of the chalkers (see Adam's photo above).

When we initially relayed the story we quoted one of our tippers who said that "It turns out those girls had heroin on them. A large ball of it. Not just heroin, a freaking ball of it. It's possible that it was planted, though."

Today we got an e-mail from one of the girls in question who wants to clarify a bit what happened:

My friend and I were arrested on Saturday for chanting for our friends (who were being arrested at the time), and we never had any heroin on us... EVER. In fact, there weren't any drugs in our bags or in our pockets. I don't know who started this rumor, but I would really like it if it was dispersed. We would never in our lives do heroin, let alone carry a 'ball' of it around.

P.S. We've been jailed, tried, and the case was dismissed. I don't know about the other three guys, and a girl. Though I do know that a fellow chanter, who is a 23 year old male, has been released with a court summon.

So there you have it folks. The girls didn't have any horse, but they were jailed and their case was eventually dismissed. Everybody clear now? Good, let's move on.