First it was the coyotes, then it was the squirrels, now it's the domesticated cats: a Connecticut man called the cops on his 7.5 pound cat after the feline bit his leg and kept him and his wife out of their home. This world is no place for humans, after all.

The alleged cat attack occurred late Tuesday night, at victim Mohammed Lokman's home in Stamford. Lokman and his wife reportedly returned home after an evening out to discover their pet, who had recently given birth to kittens, was extra aggressive as a result, attacking Lokman's leg and biting him when he tried to enter his home.

New Mama Cat was so protective, she apparently kept Lokman and his wife out for nearly four hours. Finally, at 1 a.m., Lokman called 911—you can hear his phone call with an spectacularly incredulous operator below:

Eventually, the Lokmans were able to re-enter their home, where they are presumably now living in harmony with their cat (though cats never forgive!) Not all cat owners have been so lucky, though—last year, a TV cat whisperer had to tame a 22-pound housecat after he trapped his owner, girlfriend, baby and family dog inside a room in their home in Oregon.