More horrifying testimonies of the brutal home invasion and murder of a family in Connecticut were recounted during the trial of Steven Hayes, one of the accused murderers. Today, the trial was temporarily halted till Monday, because defendant Hayes reportedly had a seizure last night, urinating on himself in the process, and his lawyer is concerned for his mental health.

Hayes' attorney, Thomas J. Ullmann, said he believed the seizure may have been "triggered" by yesterday's testimony; rescue workers described in detail the gruesome crime scene they discovered the day Hayes and accomplice Joshua Komisarjevsky imprisoned, raped and murdered Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughters, Hayley and Michaela. That included descriptions of the bodies, which had been burned in a fire the two men set. There were also a half-dozen photos of the scene shown in court, which left some jurors crying and staring angrily at Hayes. Dr. William Petit, who survived the home invasion with terrible burns (he was left in the basement), was also in tears by the end of the session.

Footage of Hawke-Petit withdrawing money from the bank for Hayes and Komisarjvsky was also released, as well as the teller's call to 911, "She says that if the police are told that they will kill the children and the husband. They told her they wouldn't hurt anybody if she got back there with the money. She believes them. She is petrified."

Today, more photos were shown, including shots of the ripped shorts and T-shirts belonging to the two daughters. Komisarjevsky, who is awaiting trial, is accused of raping 11-year-old Michaela. Jurors were also shown ropes and other restraints used to tie Michaela to the bed, and cans of what prosecutors said was accelerant used to set the fire.