Around 1:30 a.m. yesterday, a driver apparently lost control of her car in Darien, Connecticut, while driving along a curve. The BMW went airborne and, according to the Stamford Advocate, the car "struck a curb before driving through a first-floor bedroom of 126 Hollow Tree Ridge Road, striking a tree, and entering the rear area of a house at 122 Hollow Tree Ridge Road, coming to rest in the kitchen." The driver died at Stamford Hospital.

Police believe the driver, who has not yet been identified pending family notification, was traveling at a high rate of speed to have launched the car seven feet into the air when it hit the second home's chimney. According to a neighbor, "It sounded like a huge explosion, like when a transformer, one of those big electrical boxes goes. I bolted out of bed.”

None of the homes' residents were injured. At 122 Hollow Tree Ridge Road, all residents were in bedrooms on the second floor, while at 126, the owners were away. Their daughter said, "If my mom was in town she would be dead. Her head is at that side of the house, that's her bed.” But 122 Hollow Tree Ridge Road is partly unstable because of the damage. See photos here and here.