Today, a 50-year-old father was charged with "dozens of counts of reckless endangerment and permitting minors to possess liquor" related to a Connecticut fatal crash that killed a 17-year-old girl. The 17-year-old driver who crashed the car—with a 0.11 blood alcohol level—was charged with manslaughter, reckless endangerment and more.

In August, police responded to crash in Hebron, Connecticut. Passenger Paige Houston, a high school senior and cheerleader, was killed. The Courant reports, "[The teen driver] told police that night that he'd had one and a half beers. A blood test later showed that his blood alcohol content was .11 percent. In Connecticut, a person is considered legally drunk if their blood alcohol content exceeds .08 percent. For people younger than 21, the limit is .02 percent."

The driver also said he was at a party, and police found it was held at the home of Paul Sibiga, 50. According to NBC Connecticut, "Witnesses told police that the parties would sometimes happen weekly and the teens had to leave their keys at the house." The arrest warrant explained, "Anyone who was drinking at the property was not allowed to drive home and either camped out at the White House or in the basement of the Sibiga house."

Sibiga is being held on $200,000 bail. Authorities have been arresting parents for allowing their underage teens to host parties with drinking, especially when it leads to crashes and alcohol poisoning.