A couple was arrested Tuesday night for domestic violence at a Norwalk, Connecticut hotel. According to The Hour, the woman "said that the two were slated to appear on Maury Povich's talk show, and she became upset after finding out that [John] Coley slept with her mother, according to police."

It appears that when police arrived at the DoubleTree hotel, they found Shantae McGhee-Brown, 25, wearing a towel in the hallway; police says she admitted she threw a vase and broke a table during her fight with Coley. Then Coley, 47, came upstairs and said that McGhee-Brown had been fighting with a different John Coley.

The Hour reports that McGhee-Brown and Coley are being held on $100,000 bail. It's unclear if The Maury Show, which films in Stamford, will chip in to get them out and on the show. At any rate, we can't help but recall the immortal words of Mike D, who once rapped: "I'm out of your backdoor and into another / your boyfriend doesn't know about me and your mother."