How the other side lives: Hedge fund billionaire Paul Jones Tudor III has an incredible Christmas display in front of his Greenwich, Connecticut home. According to the Metropolis, "Off-duty police officers direct traffic around the sprawling light display, allowing drivers to line up eight at a time in front of Jones’ 13,000-square-foot home on a waterfront cul-de-sac. A soundtrack synchronized to the thousands of flashing lights plays over the radio on FM90.5. The full cycle lasts nearly five minutes. There is no official count of the spectators, but on the night The Journal attended scores of cars lined up along the streets of the quiet neighborhood for a chance to take in a light show put on by one of the richest people in the world." And there's video:

Metropolis, a Wall Street Journal blog, was the only media organization allowed to take video footage of this super swank display. Jones has also had blowout Halloween parties—which were open to all children in Greenwich—were so appreciated by everyone that his gated community complained so much that he didn't have one this year. Anyway, we think the Dyker Heights displays are more awesome.