Unable to find lucrative lawyer work, several ingenious graduates of the Brooklyn Law School have simply decided to sue the law school. The Daily News reports that Jesse Strauss, a 2003 Brooklyn Law grad, is representing the four graduates in a lawsuit that accuses the school of misleading them into thinking their law degree would be a guaranteed entrée into the bourgeoisie.

According to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by the Daily News, graduates claim the $150,000 in tuition payments is "a terrible investment." The Brooklyn Law School website boasts employment rates from 88% to 98% within nine months of graduation, but that stat includes jobs that have nothing to do with practicing law. Many graduates, like plaintiff Adam Bevelacqua, says he graduated last year but still hasn't found legal work, and now he's deep in debt! Others have had to settle for temp jobs or menial work that doesn't require a law degree. But don't lose any sleep over them; if this lawsuit doesn't pay off, medical school is always a safe bet.