A cadre of bank robbers is attempting to spice up their criminal lives by ditching the standard "note to the teller" schtick in favor of something a little more exotic—drilling straight through the damn wall.

Of the group's numerous attempts to gain access to vaults around the city, only once have their efforts resulted in any actual cash. According to the Post, the bandits have made at least six runs at robbing banks using their brute force method since November 2012. Their sole success came in December of 2013, in which they busted through the wall of Santander Bank in Jackson Heights, having burrowed through an adjacent catering hall. It's unknown how much they took.

Most recently, the crew tried to cut a hole through some sheet rock adjoining a Chase Bank at 601 8th Avenue on October 12, but triggered the alarm in the process. While they've proved shitty at scoring any actual money, they have at least managed to stay ahead of the cops. Congrats?

“Why keep doing it if you’re unsuccessful?” a source mused to the tabloid. “The only explanation I have is that they must believe it will be a huge payday if they do succeed.”