Trying to quell speculation about a missing passenger's disappearance, the Norwegian Cruise Line says there is surveillance video showing 46-year-old Mindy Jordan falling from the ship. Jordan fell overboard the Norwegian Dawn two hours after it left NYC, on its way to Bermuda.

Further, NCL says its surveillance video shows that Jordan, a NJ resident and registered nurse, was alone in her stateroom. The cruise's timeline indicates she and her boyfriend Jorge Caputo went into their cabin together at 7:28 p.m., with Caputo exiting a few minutes later to "join the another couple in their cabin next door."

Then, at 7:53 p.m., "surveillance cameras from the exterior of the ship capture Mindy falling overboard from her balcony, straight into the water." A call was made from the friends' cabin, and Caputo is seen exiting their cabin for help. The cruise has docked in Bermuda, where the FBI is questioning witnesses.

Jordan's family has been suspicious of her death, suggesting Caputo was an abusive boyfriend and questioning his nonchalance over the disappearance. Caputo allegedly said Jordan was climbing over the rail--and that he tried to save her but couldn't. Cruise passengers said the sea was rough, "You couldn't even stand up. The wind was just blowing and blowing and I can't imagine what they were doing up there, what led her to do something like that."